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T5 Week 2


  1.  Watch the video which corresponds to the daily lesson
  2. Have a  go at answering the questions on the worksheet when the video asks you to.
  3. Watch the video again whilst looking at and checking your answers
  4. Mark your work using the answer sheets

The worksheets are attached as PDFs below


Non-fiction: Instruction Writing

  1. Use your learning from last week to complete the ‘Table Top Olympics’ task from the class webpage. Remember that when it talks about connectives, it means coordinating and subordinating conjunctions to join ideas.
  2. Choose a recipe and use it to do some cooking. After you have completed it, go through and pick out all of the imperative verbs. What other features of writing do you notice? Make a poster to show a toolkit for instruction writing like the example below. Send your teacher a photo of your poster.

  3. YouTube Chef! Write your own script for an online cookery show, demonstrating how to make a recipe of your choice. You will need to think carefully about how you include all of the features from your toolkit poster and your learning last week as well as how you will make it interesting for your viewers. For an additional challenge, you may want to film your performance and send it to you teacher to share with the rest of your class.


See attached PDF below Spellings Week 1&2 and Spelling Ideas


See attached PDF below 


Complete this week's Science Fun at Home challenges all based around the theme of spinners. Details in the Science Fun at Home Week 2 PDF below.

You may also enjoy the Quarantine Science Challenge YouTube channel - a collection of great suggestions for exciting experiments to try at home, put together by a secondary school science teacher. These are added to daily.