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T5 Week 3


Please open the document 'Year 6 Maths Home Learning' below for information on Maths activities this week.  The 'White Rose Home Learning' activities are also saved below as PDFs.


Non-fiction: Explanation texts

1. Mini cold task: Explain to a member of you family why one of the following things occur: rainbows don’t wobble in the wind; mice live in holes; cats purr; the moon changes shape; ostriches bury their heads in the sand; the wolf pretended to be granny.

For example:

It is a little known fact that ostriches are very nervous birds. They do not like sudden noises. If an ostrich happens to be near someone who shouts this makes them very frightened. As a result, they bury their heads in the sand so that they cannot hear or see what is happening.

You can just do this verbally, but you may want to record yourself to share it with your teacher and class.

 2. Read the ‘Teacher Pleaser’ explanation text attached below. Can you spot examples of the present tense, 3rd person, causal conjunctions (see Powerpoint below) and technical /formal vocabulary? For a bonus challenge, see if you can find any passive voice. What is the difference between an explanation text like this and the instructional writing that we were learning about last week? Record three similarities and three differences.

3. Recap cause and effect conjunctions by reading through the ‘Causal Conjunctions Powerpoint’ PDF attached below. Have a quick go at the quiz questions on this and then complete the ‘Causal Conjunctions’ activity sheet.


See Week 3 of attached PDF below Term 5 Spellings for Year 6.



Complete this week's Science Fun at Home challenges all based around the theme of eggs. Details in the Science Fun at Home Week 3 PDF below.

You may also enjoy the Quarantine Science Challenge YouTube channel - a collection of great suggestions for exciting experiments to try at home, put together by a secondary school science teacher. These are added to daily.


This Friday will be the 75th anniversary of VE Day. There are lots of suggestions online for activities you could try to celebrate and learn more about the event.  Perhaps you could follow a war-time recipe, style your hair in the fashion of the day or investigate the types of aircraft that helped win the war. We particularly like the idea of holding your own socially distant party from your garden or walking to your local war memorial. 

Below there are a range of websites with lots of facts and further suggestions.