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T5 Week 4


Well Done to all the children in our class who participated. We won!


  1.  Watch the video which corresponds to the daily lesson
  2. Have a  go at answering the questions on the worksheet when the video asks you to.
  3. Watch the video again whilst looking at and checking your answers
  4. Mark your work using the answer sheets

The worksheets are attached as PDFs below

Follow the link below for more support on Tuesday's lesson based on Equivalent Fractions


Non-fiction: Explanation Texts

  1.  What is formal language? Watch the videos, try the quizzes and then write/type/ record a range of sentences using formal and informal language.
  2. Design your own marvellous machine, just like the Teacher-Pleaser. You may want to do something like a Bedroom-Tidier, a Homework-Completer or a Sibling-Annoyer! Create a poster of your machine and label its different features, thinking carefully about how each part works.
  3. Write an explanation text to show how your marvellous machine works. This should include the features you have learnt about – technical/formal language and causal conjunctions – and match the style of the Teacher-Pleaser example. You can present this however you wish. Be sure to send a photo/copy to your teacher once you have finished


See attached PDF below Spellings Week 3&4 and Spelling Ideas

Make sure you understand the meaning of each word before you start learning how to spell them.


Complete this week's Science Fun at Home challenges all based around the theme of sink or swim. Details in the Science Fun at Home Week 4 PDF below.

You may also enjoy the Quarantine Science Challenge YouTube channel - a collection of great suggestions for exciting experiments to try at home, put together by a secondary school science teacher. These are added to daily.


See attached PDF below Week 1 Topic Groovy Greeks