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T5 Week 5

Y6 Maths

Please open the document 'Year 6 Maths Home Learning Overview' below for information on Maths activities this week.  The 'White Rose Home Learning' activities are also saved below as PDFs.


Narrative writing.

This week, choose three story starters that inspire you from the Starter for 10 website: Scroll to the bottom half of the page for story starters or click on the small images further up the page for some comprehension questions to help with your ideas.

Write the next 100 words for each of your chosen story starters, or more if you like! Mrs Goode’s Writers’ Club – this would be a great opportunity for you to finish off you Tunnel stories ready for us to send off to the BBC!

Be sure to send a copy of your stories to us by email so we can enjoy them over the half term.



See Week 5 of attached PDF below Term 5 Spellings for Year 6.



Complete this week's Science Fun at Home challenges all based around the theme of gases. Details in the Science Fun at Home Week 5 PDF below.