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Term 5 - Week 1

Hi Year 1/2

I hope you are all well and keeping safe? 

Here are some activities for you to do for the week beginning 20/4/20

This is a suggested timetable of when you could complete the different activities

Year 1 

Year 2

Week 1 Activities


Warm up Activities:-


Times Table Rock Stars

Maths Attack

Number of the Week – Represent the number of the week in different ways and

see how many calculation you can write that give the answer of that number. See if you can do this systematically.

This week’s number is 25.


Main Activity:-

White Rose Lessons 1 to 4, watch the video clips (on the link below) and then answer the questions on the sheets below.  

Year 1:-


Lesson 1 – Making Doubles

Lesson 2- Making Equal Groups ( Grouping)

Lesson 3 – Making Equal Group (sharing)

Lesson 4- Finding a Half.


Year 2:-

Lesson 1- Find ¾

Lesson 2- Count in Fractions

Lesson 3- Measuring Length in cm

Lesson 4 – Measuring Length in m.



Year 1 English Unit, Sidney Spider - A Tale of Friendship


(This unit will be completed over two weeks, below are the activities for this week1)

Please have a go at the following activities:

Read the story – Page 3 and 4

Sidney's sticky notes – Pages 5 & 6

Who said what, quiz time – Pages 7 & 8

Exploring:- Can you find four things in your house that are ancient? – Page 9

Exploring :- Can you name four animals that hunt for their prey? – Page 9

Can you make up your own actions for the song Incy Wincy Spider.   - Page 10


Year 2 English Unit:- The Magical Teaching Box by Emily Caulfied – based on the Myth from Ancient Greece Pandora’s Box.

(This unit will be completed over two weeks, below are the activities for this week1)

Read the story – Page 4 -7 – stopping and completing the task during the story.

What do you think is in the box? Page 5

Draw the evil that comes out of the box page 7

Did you like the story and why? Page 7


Read the description of Zeus. Draw of picture of Zeus with labels, using the description. Page 8

Read the story again – Pages 4 to 7

Answer the question about the story in full sentences. – Page 9


Alphabetical order – sort Apollo’s words into alphabetical order.-  Page 10

Words and their meanings – Match Apollo’s words to their meaning. Page 11  

Using Apollo’s words – Can you write each of Apollo’s words in a sentence of your own? Page 12.

Can you find any other Ancient Greek Myth? Share any that you find and enjoy.



Topic: What A Wonder World

 We are starting our topic of 'What A Wonderful World' looking at the world map and naming the continents and oceans, please have a look at the powerpoint and then complete the activity sheet. 


Computing: Esafety

 Please revise the importance of esafety by going through the powerpoint. 


Science: Plants

Hopefully you have all managed to plant your seeds and there are beginning to grow. Please remember to complete your plant diary.

Year 1:-  This week we are looking at wild plants, please can you look at the powerpoint on wild flowers and then go on a wild plant hunt.

Year 2:- This week we ae observing flowering plants and trees, please can you look at the powerpoint on observing plants and then complete the following activities.

  1. Order and labels the parts of a flowering plant.
  2. Order and label the parts of a tree.
  3. Make an observation of a tree
  4. Make an observation of a flowering plant.


Music:-  Continents Song

Listen to the Continents Song and sing along.

Can you make up your own song about the continents?

Art :- Landmarks

Can you make a drawing, college, painting or sketch of a famous landmark from the UK?

Ideas of famous UK landmarks are on the attachment below.



  1. Y2 Maths Lesson 1 - Find three quarters pdf
  2. Y2 Maths Lesson 1 - Answers pdf
  3. Y2 Maths Lesson 2 - Count Fractions pdf
  4. Y2 Maths Lesson 2 - Answers pdf
  5. Y2 Maths Lesson 3 - Measure in cm pdf
  6. Y2 Maths Lesson 3 - Answers pdf
  7. Y2 Maths Lesson 4 - Measure in m pdf
  8. Y2 Maths Lesson 4 - Answers pdf
  9. Y1 - English booklet with activities pdf
  10. Y2 - English booklet with activities pdf
  11. Maths Lesson-1-Y1-Summer-Block-1-WO5-Make-doubles-2020 pdf
  12. Maths Lesson-1 Answers-Y1-Summer-Block-1-ANS5-Make-doubles-2020 pdf
  13. Maths Lesson-2-Y1-Summer-Block-1-WO6-Make-equal-groups-grouping-2020 pdf
  14. Maths Lesson-2 Answers -Y1-Summer-Block-1-ANS6-Make-equal-groups-grouping-2020 pdf
  15. Maths Lesson-3-Y1-Summer-Block-1-WO7-Make-equal-groups-sharing-2020 pdf
  16. Maths Lesson-3 Answers -Y1-Summer-Block-1-ANS7-Make-equal-groups-sharing-2020 pdf
  17. Maths Lesson-4-Y1-Summer-Block-2-WO1-Find-a-half-1-2020 pdf
  18. Maths Lesson-4 Answers -Y1-Summer-Block-2-ANS1-Find-a-half-1-2020 pdf
  19. Y1-English Unit Sidney Spider pdf
  20. Topic Activity 1 Mapping the World pdf
  21. Topic Activity 1 Powerpoint pdf
  22. Computing esafety Smartie the Penguin pdf
  23. Year 1 Science activity 1 Wild Plant Hunt pdf
  24. Year 1 Science activity 1 powerpoint pdf
  25. Art UK Landmarks pdf
  26. Year 2 - Science - week 1: Activity Sheet Flowering Plant Observation pdf
  27. Year 2 - Science - week 1: Activity Sheet Parts of a Flowering Plant Black and White pdf
  28. Year 2 - Science week 1: Activity Sheet Parts of a Tree Black and White pdf
  29. Year 2 - Science week 1:Activity Sheet Tree Observation pdf
  30. Year 2- Science week 1: powerpoint, Observing Plants ppt
  31. Year 2 week 1 timetable.docx pdf
  32. Reading Task -Y2-a-tale-of-two-feathers-differentiated-reading-comprehension-activity pdf
  33. Reading Task -Y1-stop-telling-fibs--differentiated-reading-comprehension-activity pdf
  34. Additional Tasks -Year-1-Week-1-Home-Learning-Pack pdf
  35. Additional Tasks -Year-1-Week-1-Home-Learning-Pack-Parent-Guidance-and-Answers pdf
  36. Additional Tasks - Year-2-Week-1-Home-Learning-Pack pdf
  37. Additional Tasks - Year-2-Week-1-Home-Learning-Pack-Parent-Guidance-and-Answers pdf
  38. Year 1 week 1 timetable. year 1 week 1 timetablepdf