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Term 5 Week 2

Thank you for all the great work that you have been doing, please go to the children's work page on our class website page to see what all your classmates have been up to. Keep up the great work!

If you have any suggestions as to how else we could present home learning activities that would be more helpful to you, please email us. We would equally love to see photos of the great work that your children produce which we can share with the rest of the children in Year 3&4 on our website. 

Weekly websites 

PE with Joe Wicks -

Go Noodle -

Morning Challenge -

David Walliams -

Free Audible

Reading Theory (Login details given to children from class teachers)

Reading Eggs -

Spelling frame

Statutory Y3&4 Spelling PDF attached below 


Week 2 


See the links below to White Rose Maths - Summer Term - Week 2

There are 4 lessons each with a video to support teaching as well as worksheets (also attached as PDFs) and answer sheets.  



English Myths and Legends 

There are resources and tips on the activities provided in the English notes (attached below). 

Activity 1     The Seal Children by Jackie Morris - Read and Respond 

Activity 2     Choose from these writing activities 

Activity 3 Grammar: (Y3 - Contractions  Y4 - Ownership - Apostrophes for plural possession)


Science - Animals Classification



On your daily walk, record any vertebrates you have seen. Vertebrates are animals that have a backbone. When you are back at home, make your own classification keys to represent these vertebrates. Look at the PDF documents “Activity Sheet Key Questions” and “Activity Sheet Vertebrates” for examples.
Challenge: Can you make classification keys that compares the vertebrates you have seen on your walk to Vertebrates that live in different habitats? E.g. Arctic / Rainforests.


RE - Watch the story of the ‘Calling of the First Disciples’

Use the worksheet (or draw your own) to describe how Peter was feeling throughout the story OR write a diary entry describing the events from Peter’s point of view.


Art - What is drawing or sketching

Draw an Angler Fish

Sea Creatures:


Topic - Who were the Anglo-Saxons and where did they come from? 

PDFs   below.  -




French - Tips

Scroll down the page to see the chores in French and English. Scroll back to the top and click on FULL TUTORIAL all activiites.

Start the tutorial, working through:     1. Introduction     2. Yes or no?     3. Either / or     4. What is it?

Then click on the Games tab to practise what you have learnt (try as many games as you like). Finally click the Test tab to see how you’re doing!