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Term 5 Week 2

Week 2 Activities

Year 1


Warm up Activities:


Times Table Rock Stars:

Maths Attack: see school website for additional tests ( our curriculum, maths)

White Rose Lessons 1 to 4, watch the video clips (on the link below) and then answer the questions on the sheets below.

L1. Find a half

L2 Find a quarter

L3 Find a quarter 2

L4 Problem Solving

L5 Number of the Week – Represent the number of the week in different ways and see how many calculations you can write that give the answer of that number. See if you can do this systematically.This week’s number is 28. 


Year 1 English Unit, Sidney Spider - A Tale of Friendship (continued from last week)

Please have a go at the following activities:

Put in the missing capital letters and fullstops in Sidney's letter (pg 11)

Copy out the letter in cursive handwriting (pg 11)

Think of where Sidney could hide (pg 12)

Spider fact file (pg 13) 

Go on a mini-beast hunt (pg 14)

Write sentences about your hunt using the conjunction 'and' (pg 14)

Write a fact file about a mini-beast you found (pg 15)

Bake a spider biscuit (pg 16)


Phonics play

Phonic activity sheet

Science: Please continue to complete your plant diary. Also, please can you label the parts of a tree and plant, see the activity sheet and watch this video to find out about different parts of a plant:

Computing: using the link below, complete a pictogram. Ask your family members what their favourite pet is and record it onto a pictogram.  Also, use your findings from the mini-beast hunt in English to make a mini-beast pictogram too.

Topic: Continuing our topic of 'A Wonderful World'  this week we are going to learn about the continent of Europe and the country of France, please have a look at the powerpoint and then complete the activity sheets. 

Music:- 'I can sing a rainbow' song in French, revise the colour words in French and sing a long.

Art :- Landmarks

Can you make a drawing, college, painting or sketch of a famous landmark from France?

Ideas of famous French landmarks are on the attachment below.