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Term 6 work: children's photos

What a gloriously sunny half term we had. Hopefully everyone is now refreshed and ready to start again with our home learning for Term 6

Week 1

We've had some great photographs in showing us what you've been up to this week.

NA, and GB have done some fantastic storyboards on The Rainbow Bear:


MJ and FW have been drawing and writing about arctic animals, producing great work:

JB has been inspired by the space launch this week to produce this fab poster:

MF has been inspired by our science work on teeth and the Tooth Fairy; MJ has read and reviewed one of the books written by David Walliams. Great work both!


NW has been doing some delicious cake making and GB made an impressive Viking longship:



FW has drawn this incredible orangutan and FR has done an amazing logo for 'Zoo':


So many of you have done brilliant work based on Zoo. This is GB's:


MJ has loved doing the work on Zoo for English too and also the Topic work on Vikings:


CDP has been busy baking delicious mini carrot cakes


MJ has done some great research on monkeys:

NA has been working hard learning about nouns and pronouns, with great output:

GN has been doing some closely observed drawings of a peacock and a minion:


FL really enjoyed our science investigation into tooth decay last week, but it's a good job we can't smell the results!


AB has produced this really stunning piece of art and is justifiably proud of her work:

GB has drawn an imaginative spaceship and made up a great limerick to go with it:


You have been loving the English work based on Judy and the the Martian and we have had some great photos sent in by MJ, EN and NW.



Weeks 6 and 7

BM has been making a wonderful puppet theatre to perform his play script. We look forward to seeing the video of the final performance:

We have received more great photos from MJ and EN of the wrok they have done at home: