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Term 6 work


Maths activities will be saved in the Week by Week tabs on the right hand side of this page (may be different on a mobile phone).  


On the weekly page you will find a list of suggested tasks for you to complete for English for that week. This term, rather than giving you a set number of tasks per week, we will give you an English booklet to work through with a mixture of short discussion tasks and games  as well as longer writing pieces based around a theme. These are for you to work through at your own pace - you may feel that you wish to do more than one task a day, whereas some of the tasks could take you more than one session.  As well as working through the weekly booklet, we would also like you to carry out regular spelling practice and to continue completing your daily reading (eg. Read Theory and personal reading books - see Home learning sheet from last term for suggestions). We will upload a separate sheet with spelling patterns for each week as well as ideas for how best to practise these. We have also added a PDF at the bottom of this page that lists websites offering free e-books in case you are running out of reading material at home.

Remember to share your progress with us by email. We can’t wait to see how you get on!