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Daily Topic sessions - 2pm

Thursday 7th January - Today we are reading Jack Frost and will be talking about the story. In the story the boy has no one to play with because all of his friends are hibernating? Do you know any animals that hibernate? Click on the Powerpoint below to find out more. Draw and label some animals that hibernate in winter, take a picture and send it to us on Evidence Me. 

Friday 8th January - Today we are reading a non-fiction book about winter. Not all books are stories, some tell us lots of exciting facts. What do you already know about winter? Can you find items of clothing around your house that you would wear in the summer and winter. Why do you need them? Why wouldn't you wear summer clothes in the winter and vice versa?

Here is a fun game to play online at home...

Crickweb - Early Years - Dress Lecky