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Daily Topic sessions - 2pm

Monday 25th January - No session

Tuesday 26th January -  This week we are going to be looking at features of fairytales. Today we are going to be discussing 'what is a fairytale?' and sharing the titles of ones we are familiar with. We will end by reading the story Cinderella.

At home you could draw a picture of your favourite fairytale character.

Wednesday 27th January - Today we will be looking at the similarities between fairytales. Which phrases are used at the beginning and end of fairytales? Are there always good and bad characters? Where are fairytales set? We will end by reading the story Jack and the Beanstalk.

At home today you could create a setting for a fairytale, you could paint a picture of the woods, make a castle with junk modelling or build a cottage with Lego.

Thursday 21st January - Today we will be reading the story The Gingerbreadman and discussing why it is a fairytale. Who are the good and bad characters? Are there any talking animals? Where is it set? Does everyone live happily ever after?

  After today's session, use the internet or look through your books at home and find a fairytale story you haven't read/heard before and share it together.

Friday 22nd January - Today we will be thinking about what we have learnt this week about fairytales and how we can distinguish them from other stories. We will sort books into 2 categories, fairytales and not fairytales. We will end by reading the story Hansel and Gretel.

At home try sorting your story books into fairytales and not fairytales.