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VE Day

Before Break: Find out about VE Day

Use the PowerPoint to learn about VE Day or do some independent research. This is an informative video:

After Break

Have a go at Dan Snow's VE Day Challenge:

Can you retell the story in a creative way?


Imagine you are a soldier on the front line during the Second World War and you have just found out that the war in Europe is over. Write a diary entry about the experience and how you feel.

After Lunch

Plan and Host your own VE Day Party!

These websites have some great suggestions for activities. They even provide links to VE Day music!

  • Make your own bunting
  • Create your own decorations
  • Cook some party food
  • Dress up as if it were 1945
  • Play some party games

At 3pm, the Prime Minister will talk about the importance of VE Day.

At 9pm, the Queen will address the nation. It will be followed by a national sing-a-long of Dame Vera Lynn's 'We'll Meet Again.'

Useful Links: