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Week 2


  1.  Watch the video which corresponds to the daily lesson
  2. Have a  go at answering the questions on the worksheet when the video asks you to.
  3. Watch the video again whilst looking at and checking your answers
  4. Mark your work using the answer sheets

The worksheets are attached as PDF documents


Please work through the booklet of tasks below. This week is non-fiction writing linked to the discovery of a creature. There is no need to print the booklet unless you really want to. Instead, you can read the instructions on the screen and then do your work on paper. Remember to drop us an email to share with us anything you are proud of.


See PDF below 'E Safety lesson 2'


Complete this week's Science Fun at Home challenges all based around the theme of water. Details in the Science Fun at Home Term 6 Week 2 PDF below.

You may also enjoy the Quarantine Science Challenge YouTube channel - a collection of great suggestions for exciting experiments to try at home, put together by a secondary school science teacher. These are added to daily.