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Week 7


  1.  Watch the video which corresponds to the daily lesson
  2. Have a  go at answering the questions on the worksheet when the video asks you to.
  3. Watch the video again whilst looking at and checking your answers
  4. Mark your work using the answer sheets

The worksheets are attached as PDF documents



As we have not been able to do our usual 'Meet the Teacher' and transition days this term, we would like you to spend this week working on a letter to your new teacher. You should take the time to plan out exactly what you would like to tell them, do a first draft and then write-up or type your final version. You could then either post-it, email it or bring it to school to give to your teacher in September. You can make your letters as creative and fun as you wish - this is an opportunity for your teacher to get a glimpse of your personality. You can even include pictures or photos if you like! To give you an idea of what to include, you will find a template of a letter below as well as a transition booklet that has activities to get you thinking about the kind of information your new teacher may like to know. Don't feel that you have to follow this though - the more imaginative the better! 


Complete this week's Science Fun at Home challenges all based around the theme of liquid science. Details in the Science Fun at Home Term 6 Week 7 PDF below.

You may also enjoy the Quarantine Science Challenge YouTube channel - a collection of great suggestions for exciting experiments to try at home, put together by a secondary school science teacher. These are added to daily.


See the two PDFs below - RE lesson four.