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Worship at Almondsbury is a vital and integral part of our school day and Christian distinctiveness. 

We are lucky to welcome a member of the worship team from St Mary's Church to lead our worship every other Monday. We also light our focus candle and say our liturgy at the start of worship - 'Peace be with you' with the response of 'And also with you'. Reflection time at the end of the worship is given for pupils and staff to have a moment of quiet and reflective time. We conclude our worship with our closing liturgy of 'This is the day the Lord has made' with the response 'Let's rejoice and be glad of it'. 

The altar is the focal point in the Hall for our worship with a change of liturgical colours through the year. 

The rest of the week consists of another whole school worship, class worship and key stage worship. These are lead by Mr Smith and the rest of the staff. 

We follow the 'Values for Life' materials and themes which are shared by the school and support our ethos and aims. We always refer to our three main values of Care, Love and Hope. 

This year our values are as follows:

Term 1 - Generosity

Term 2 - Respect

Term 3 - Perseverance

Term 4 - Wisdom

Term 5 -Responsibility

Term 6 - Service

We also sit our Heartsmart learning alongside the Values for Life and these are well matched so that they follow a similar theme. 

Term 1 - Get Heartsmart

Term 2 - Fake is a Mistake

Term 3 - No way through isn't true

Term 4 - Don't forget to let love in

Term 5 - Too much selfie isn't healthy

Term 6 - Don't rub it in, rub it out

We use a Bible verse to introduce and discuss the themes to the children. The children love to hear about what 'Boris the Robot' has to say on the theme. 

We also link our British Values of Tolerance, Respect, Individual Liberty, Rule of Law and Democracy to the themes as well over the year. 

All children participate in worship unless parents withdraw their children from this.